Thursday, August 28, 2008


I am wearing maternity clothes for the first time today and it feels so good! I was determined not to be one of "those" women who wear maternity clothes way before they're even showing just because they want to show off their pregnancy. But, I have been miserable all week at work. Most of the pants I typically wear have clasps, a button, and a give at all! I have had these horrible indentations in my skin every day from my pants that are too tight. Finally today, I wore my stretchy maternity pants and it feels heavenly!

By the way, my need for bigger pants is in no way due to the size of the baby (I'm only 11 weeks along). It is completely related to my addiction to chocolate milk and ice cream. :)


Angela said...

I remember when pants that I thought were really big all of the sudden didn't fit right. :p I didn't even realize I was showing much, if at all. :p Sometimes pants would fit in the morning but not in the afternoon, go figure. The ladies at the ABC used to laugh at me. :p

Cherie said...

Your bab is tiny but your uterus is already the size of a small grapefruit! So no wonder those pants are uncomfortable. lol. I was always paranoid wearing anything slightly tight from the second I found I was pregnant with all 4 babies.

Cat said...

If I lived closer, we'd be at Coldstone right now!