Sunday, December 20, 2009

9 months old

I know that I'm getting bad about blogging but I am really trying to keep up with it despite my crazy schedule. Can you believe that our sweet baby James is already 9 months old? He is just as cute as ever! Over the past month he has met several milestones:
* He now has EIGHT teeth!
* He is cruising along the furniture as fast as his little legs can go.
* In addition to mama he now says byebye and dada (more like "blabla").
* Our long-legged boy is wearing 12 month pants but he can still fit into some of his 6 month shirts.
* James has become a daddy's boy over the past couple of weeks. He is happiest when he is playing with Rod.
* He shakes his head a lot. I'm not sure exactly what it means because he does it while eating, whenever music plays, and sometimes when he wants to get our attention. Whatever the case, it gets a laugh almost every time!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

3 milestones this week

James started 3 new things this week and I have to blog about them so I don't forget to inclcude these milestones in his baby book.

First, he started waving last weekend.
On Wednesday he got two new teeth for a total of 6 little chompers!
Yesterday he waved to Rod and said byebye. It was actually more like "buhbuh".

Thursday, December 3, 2009

New camera = new pictures to blog!

James loves to watch his Daddy play instruments. He likes to touch them, listen to the different noises they make, and try to play them himself.
"Is this how you do it, Dad?"

Cuddling with Daddy after an instrument lesson. :)

Always a happy boy!

Chillin' with Dad on Thanksgiving. Don't they look cute in their festive hats?