Thursday, December 3, 2009

New camera = new pictures to blog!

James loves to watch his Daddy play instruments. He likes to touch them, listen to the different noises they make, and try to play them himself.
"Is this how you do it, Dad?"

Cuddling with Daddy after an instrument lesson. :)

Always a happy boy!

Chillin' with Dad on Thanksgiving. Don't they look cute in their festive hats?


GAC said...

Ok, well this is just too cute! Shannon loves it, too! Love the picture of him blowing the baritone horn (is that what kind of horn it is?). He's destined to be a great musician - like father like son, like father like son!

Miss M! said...

I bought a plastic recorder at the dollar store and it's currently one of Bubba's favorite things. He figured out how to make it make sound, and it's plastic and comes apart so I can CLEAN it! I also don't have to worry about him breaking something expensive - it was just a buck! Just an idea for you.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

oh wow! This is going to be GREAT huh? I bet Rod is about to pop he is so pleased! Keep up the good work Dad!!!