Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I love my silly little boy!

This week I noticed that James has started to take an interest in cars. Previously, we had thought he was going to be a tech geek like his parents, but now I see that he also has a mind for mechanics. :) He has taken to pushing cars all around the house. He crawls with one hand and two knees while the other hand is pushing the car out in front of him. Of course, he is not picky about what kind of car he uses. In fact, he has been seen pushing a remote control, book and cooking pot.

One of his favorite new games is sitting on my lap and then bending backwards so he can see the world upside down. He clearly says "up" and "down" to tell you which direction he wants to go!

He is really enjoying the warm weather lately. Every time we walk by the door he says "buh bye" and tries to grab the door. As soon as you walk outside he gets a huge smile on his face!

Right now he is very sleepy, so I must end this and put him down for a nap. I wish I could post a video of how he is telling me he is ready for a nap. He is rubbing his face as hard as he can on my face. One of us is going to get a black eye!


Miss M! said...

My boy likes the cars too. It makes you wonder how hard wired this sort of thing is. He has stuffed animals too but he hardly plays with them. Cars, on the other hand, are nearly an obsession!

GAC said...
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GAC said...

He's so cute! If I see you with a black eye this weekend, I'll understand! :-)

jinxi~ aka angi said...

He is one smart cookie that kid! Using a remote.. cracks me up! Very cool! ;)