Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby's first stomach virus :(

Poor James was so pitiful last evening. He had a fever which made him want to do nothing but
lay on my (or Rod's) lap. He vomited all over himself, me, the chair, his clothes, his special blanket, the floor and his night stand as I was putting him to bed. It was such a mess to clean up but my wonderful husband came to the rescue (even though he was very tired and still hadn't eaten dinner at 9:00 at night). Thankfully James' fever was gone when he woke up but he was still pretty lethargic. He and I sat in the recliner together for almost 2 hours reading books, watching TV and looking at videos on my iPhone. The picture was taken this morning when he was watching Clifford. I don't like to see my baby sick but it makes me so grateful that he is a typically healthy child!

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jinxi~ aka angi said...

Oh yesss.. those are the things that make your heart break. So pitiful! I hope he is feeling better soon! :)