Monday, October 4, 2010

Waiter...I'll have some normalcy, please.

The past few weeks have been busy around here. James is adjusting pretty well with the exception of his sleep schedule. Several nights this week he woke up at 3:30 and was up until 5:30 or 6 then went back to bed until 9. This morning he was up for the day at 5:30. Hopefully he is easing back into his typical schedule of sleeping from 9PM-7:30AM.

The first odd thing that happened about 3 weeks ago was our cat got sick. He spent 3 days at the vet's office then came home with a bunch of pills. At first we were able to trick him into taking the pills but then he figured out what was happening so we had to force the pills into him. James would go into hysterical crying fits every time he saw us wrap the cat in a towel and give him the pills (even though the cat didn't make any noise or even struggle much). So, every morning and evening we would have to hide from James and give the cat pills for almost two weeks.

Two weeks ago our house got broken into. It was crazy for one day while we made police reports, had detectives doing fingerprints, etc. But, everything turned out just fine.

The weekend before last we stayed in a cabin for the weekend. It was fun and relaxing but that is when James got his sleep schedule all mixed up.

Then last week I got sick with Pleurisy. I was off work Tuesday-Friday and home with James. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to lift him or spend much quality time with him for the first few days. Although James was well taken care of, I think it threw him off a bit to be so off schedule.

I'm really hoping that things will start to get back to normal this week!

In the midst of all the craziness, James went to the doctor and he was 35 1/2" tall (97th percentile) and 26.14 lbs (62nd percentile). He also got the flu shot and MMR.

James has also picked up a lot of new words this week: chair, work, today, home, giraffe (he doesn't call it a tractor anymore!).

He has also introduced some phrases like, "Hi train! How are you, train?". Pretty complex for an 18 month old, I think! He also asks what people are doing by saying, "wa doooing?". Grandma Jo taught him the Hokey Pokey recently and he loves to show off this new skill.

Well, it's time to finish getting ready for work. I just wanted to take the few extra minutes I had this morning (thanks to my early riser) to remember some of the craziness of the past few weeks.


jinxi~ aka angi said...

I was flipping through channels last night and came across Thomas the Train and immediately thought of James!

I hope that things calm down and that you are feeling better real soon..between you and the cat a kids sense of disrupt is wild .. he knows ya'll are hurting. Once things are better I bet you'll see his sleep pattern go back to normal too.

He is going to be tall huh? ;)

Miss M! said...

My goodness - I think you are quite overdue for some normalcy! What a rotten bunch of weeks!

Kimmy said...

Do yall live near trains? Or did it all start from seeing Thomas? Cracks me up when kiddos get obsessed with something.

And thanks for the comment on my last blog, we start speech therapy this month and thankfully our insurance covers 50 visits per year :)