Thursday, June 11, 2009

James at 3 months...

Wow. 3 months old already?

Right now James:

* Can hold his head up really well.

* Enjoys laying on a blanket, sitting on the couch, rocking in his swing, or cuddling with mommy and daddy during his awake time.

* He still cannot sleep well during the day. I will have to post some pictures of what our house looks like...blankets, towels, etc. hanging from every window!

* He smiles at just about anyone or anything!

* Rolling over is his new goal. He gets so close, but can't quite figure out how to tuck his arm under him.

* Baths are starting to be fun. He still hates being cold when he gets out, though.

* Is beginning his new adventure of staying home with daddy full time during the summer.


Kimmy said...

we got sam going with the rolling over by doing it on the bed and placing a little weight down beside him to get his momentum going and kinda help him figure out how it will work when he does it himself in his crib or on his playmat.

Cat said...

I wonder if they make baby sleep masks? Like to cover his eyes? :-P Just kidding.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

He sure is a smiler.. thats good, means he is a happy baby!

I hope Rods summer is good with baby James!