Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy 4 month birthday to James!

Every day James becomes more fun to be around. He is such a precious little guy...I could spend all day just staring into those beautiful blue eyes.

Here are some facts about him now that he is 4 months old:

* He still loves to sleep in complete darkness.

* At night he typically goes to bed at 8:30, gets up to eat around 3:30, then sleeps until 8:30 the next morning. It's a pretty sweet deal!

* James is under the care of his Daddy this summer. Some of the things they enjoy doing each day are: playing on the floor, reading books, going for walks around the yard, listening to music, and taking mid-afternoon naps together.

* He can roll over from his back to tummy and occasionally he surprises himself by flipping back over again.

* Every once in a while he will let out a little giggle (it is by far the cutest sound I have ever heard!) when Rod kisses his tummy.

* He is in love with his pacifier.

* Sometimes, when he is super tired, he hums himself to sleep.

* James is the smilingest baby ever. But when we go out in public he is too interested in exploring the new environment to smile. Our friends probably all think he is a boring little drooling blob.
* He has his own fashion sense. :)

"Mom, this hat is so 2008"
"These glasses make me look like a hunk!"


thotlady said...

I found your site by accident. Love it.

I just had to comment about your sweet baby James...he is a cutie.

Thanks for cheering up my sad night surfing the internet.

Happy 4-month birthday James.

Cat said...

Oh that sad face! Get the hat off of him! QUICK!

Hooptee said...

Wow - 4 months already! He's such a cutie. You have a good deal with that little sleeper! I hope he keeps it up for you. How are you adjusting going back to work?

Kimmy said...

ooh he is baby-hunk in them glasses. i love that pic of the two of yall.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

hahahaa.. Brooke. He is such a cutie.. his own lil personality just beams through! You are a lucky lady.. and you go ahead and gush away... well deserved!!!