Friday, July 3, 2009

Random pictures

Here is James posing with his Daddy. He absolutely loves to lay on the floor and talk to himself. It is even more fun for him if someone will get down there and interact with him. Rod is so good about not only taking care of his needs, but also playing with him. James is going to miss having his Daddy all to himself when the schoolyear starts. I was looking through my pictures and realized that I only have a couple of me with James so I decided to snap this self-portrait. It was difficult, though, because one of the cats kept trying to play with the camera strap.

Remember how I told you James can't sleep unless it is totally dark? The next few pictures show you all the crazy ways we have modified our house to accomodate his sleeping needs!

This is the fancy little tent he sleeps in during the day. It is actually one of those crib tents that you're supposed to use to keep toddlers from climbing out of their beds. We put a black tablecloth over it and set it up in our room (which is the darkest room in the house). It looks ridiculous but it works!

James really enjoys the interaction with whoever is changing his diaper. He usually smiles and jabbers the whole time.


Kimmy said...

awww, I love seeing just normal day-to-day stuff. I cannot get over the darkness-thing though! That's really funny. Maybe he's destined to be a night owl? I love the one of you with him. Looks like a bunch of self-portraits I try to take with Sambo. :)

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Great photos Brooke.. its like he knows to smile for the camera.. ahhaa.. Im glad he is such a happy baby!
Too bad he couldnt wear those lil face blinders they have for those who need the dark! ;)

GAC said...

He is just so stinkin' cute! I still remember the days of having to completely cover Andelena's crib with a blanket, making sure to keep the side next to the wall up enough so I was sure she had enough air. Now she has to have a night light on! LOL! Great pics!

Cat said...

What fun pictures!

SH said...

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