Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pictures galore!

I just uploaded a few pictures that I wanted to share.

This one is Rod trying to hear the baby move with a stethoscope. It didn't work, but I thought it was cute that he tried!

This is me modeling some of my birthday presents on Sunday. Rod took me to Cracker Barrel for breakfast then we went to the outlets where I got a new purse, a COMFY pair of shoes, and this maternity sweater. He also bought me a pair of yoga pants and another sweater.

Mom and Lindsey went with me to Johns Hopkins. This is a pic Lindsey took of me and Mom while waiting for the doctor to come tell us everything looked great!

We lucked out in getting a few more pictures of our baby boy. This is the only one that is semi-cute. Most of the profile shots were distorted. They also gave us some pictures from the front of his face, but they look like pictures of a CREEPY skeleton!


Kimmy said...

yeah the ones of the face are alien like. you look so cute and glow-y.

gac said...

I agree with what she said - you *DO* look glowy!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

I love all of these photos, I see you and your family in a relaxed, non posed state and it makes me smile.. this baby is going to be madly loved! I cannot wait!

Hooptee said...

Your baby belly is so cute!! Love that picture of your husband with the stethoscope, that's hilarious!

Cat said...

LOVE THESE! Your baby is just so gorgeous! I can tell. ;-)