Friday, November 21, 2008

Thank you Lenny and Cherie!!!

We have these awesome friends who live in New Hampshire. They have 4 kids, the older two are sweet teenage girls and the youngest two are adorable little boys. Gabriel is almost 3 and he is a little genius. Lenny and Cherie have been telling us hilarious stories about him to "prepare" us for having a boy! Nathan is their youngest. He is 9 months old and just as sweet as can be. Nathan is calm and quiet but he is constantly soaking in all the information his little brain can hold.

Anyway, since they are *definitely* done having kids now, they so kindly packaged up many of their baby clothes, blankets, and other supplies for us. They arrived this week and I was like a kid at Christmas digging through the box to see all the goodies! Seriously, there must have been 30+ outfits, a bumbo seat (YAY!), a daddy vest, several blankets, a couple of bibs, and a whole package of newborn diapers. We are so thankful for the baby gifts and even more thankful for our friends. :)

This is a picture from our trip to visit Lenny, Cherie, and their family in June. It was our first time meeting Nathan.

Gabriel thought Rod and I were cool because we brought him chocolate donuts! Even though he hadn't seen us in a year, he was not shy at all!

This is one of my favorite outfits that arrived in our gift box.

I was attempting to take a picture of all the goodies they sent, but our 3 cats would NOT stay out of my way. This gives you a good idea of some of the things that were in there. I bet this picture doesn't even show 1/3 of the outfits they sent. Boy did they spoil us!
Thanks again you guys!!!


jinxi~ aka angi said...

Holy awesomeness! Thats great Brooke! Im really interested in seeing how you like/enjoy the bumbo seat. The boys look like they took to you real well!... Maybe they knew youd be a boy momma some day. ;)

Kimmy said...

What is a daddy vest? Just don't forget to get a boppy with a washable cover. Boppy = sanity, especially if BFing.

Hooptee said...

Thats awesome! Love generous people!!

Cat said...

How fun! What a cute outfit! That baby is sooo cute and so is the boy!