Thursday, January 15, 2009

Eat More Food!

That's what the gestational diabetes nurse educator told me at my appointment yesterday. I lost almost 5 lbs in the last week which she told me had to stop immediately!

Because my blood glucose levels have been high at some of my readings, I tried to stick with the low end of recommended carbohydrates per meal. However, she said that my readings are probably high because my blood sugar is dipping in between meals due to not having enough carbs at each meal.

I've been averaging about 125 carbs/day and she wants me to push that up to 175/day. The first suggestion she had was to eat a scoop of ice cream before bed every night. I definitely think I can handle that!

So, I continue trying to find the delicate balance in my new diet, but at least I won't be feeling hungry anymore. :)


Well, THIS isn't going to help me. I ate a pack of the Austin peanut butter crackers this morning only to watch the news 30 minutes later where they announced the recall of those crackers due to salmonella poisoning. I bought the pack at CVS, so I'm hoping they've been on the shelf for a few weeks and I am not in danger of getting salmonella.


Hooptee said...

Yay! Eat more food is a good recommendation! Sorry your weight gain was off. Enjoy the extra calories!

Kimmy said...

Ahhhh! Don't worry me Momma!

Cat said...

Ice cream? YAY!