Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm so proud of me!

I had another doctor's visit today. Actually, I met with the nurse practitioner. She's the only one I hadn't met yet and she is fabulous! She spent plenty of time talking with me, asking me lots of questions, and answering my questions in detail. The best thing she said was that I'm doing a great job controlling the gestational diabetes and that she can just tell that I am going to be a wonderful mommy. She knows how to win me over, doesn't she? I also appreciated that she said gestational diabetes is complicated and not as easy to control as most people think. I've found that to be very true!

It sounds like I will have an ultrasound around 36 weeks to check the baby's size. She said it is likely that I may be able to go full-term without being induced if the baby still seems healthy and a decent weight at that point. Apparently, it isn't standard practice to induce women with gestational diabetes at 38 weeks, contrary to what I had read. That was also reassuring to hear.


Kimmy said...

Oh come on, we all know you'll be a good mommy. :) I'm glad you are figuring out the whole GD thing out. One good thing is that you get more ultrasound pics to scrap, right?

p.s. I was induced with Dylan. It wasn't as "intense" as I always hear people describe it. I'm a big weenie to pain too.

Hooptee said...

Nurse practitioners are great aren't they? Often they have more time than the doctors. And yay for having another ultrasound. I know at that point I was convinced my baby was big and would have loved an ultrasound.

Brooke said...

I'm not really feeling like the baby is getting huge, so I am not particularly worried about that. I'm much more worried about them trying to take him too soon and putting him at risk of respiratory problems.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Way to go. I love LNP's they are usually a lot more talkative and informative...especially women.

Glad you had a good visit!

Cherie said...

Brooke you will be an awesome mommy there is no question to that! And Rod will be one awesome daddy! In fact I think you should beat Jhon and Kate + 8 and try for 10 kids of your own ;) lol

Up here the doctors would rather wait until the due date with GD because of the chance of breathing problems but I also got a ultrasound every week for the last 4 weeks and non stress tests. I'm not sure if that was because I was on insulin or not though.

Awesome Job on handeling the GD!