Monday, March 23, 2009

Some pictures from James' birth day

I promised pics so here are a couple to hold you over until I have more time. Right now Rod is at Target and I'm home alone with the baby for the 1st time. I'm trying to feed him and type at the same time.

James right after he was pulled out.
This is what he looked like after his bath...the 1st time I saw him!

Rod with James in the nursery. This was while I was in recovery. They wouldn't let anyone (even Rod) hold him until I got out of recovery.

Just because he's so cute, here is a picture of him today.
James is such a peaceful baby. We love him so much and look forward to sharing many more of our hundreds of pictures with you very soon.


Cherie said...

He is so adorable!! Thanks for finding time to put these up.

We can wait until you have more time so relax and enjoy your son :) I remember how crazy the first Three months are. lol

a little Gabriel story:

Today Gabriel said to me: "after I'm done eating lunch we can go see Rod and Brooke and see Baby James, and then Baby Nathan and Baby James can talk to each other and baby James will say, Hi Baby Nathan wanna play with my toys? .. " This lasted for a good 5minutes so I wont continue. lol He's really excited about Baby James.

Kimmy said...

wow he's so big seeing him laying in that picture next to Rod. i love his little nose :)

Cat said...

Awwwww! I'm so happy to finally see him! Rod's picture is awesome.

linda said...

He is adorable

jinxi~ aka angi said...

James is just the most handsome lil guy.. oh my lands! I love his hair and his lil nose!!! Thank you for posting some pics. I hope you are feeling good and recovering well.