Wednesday, April 22, 2009

5 weeks old already!

This week James has started smiling at us occasionally. Nothing melts my heart like that tiny little toothless grin! I'm going to have a hard time getting anything else done when he is awake because it is so much fun trying to get him to react to me with a smile.

He has also really started cooing and talking to himself. It's a lot of fun to listen to him entertain himself (except when he does it in the middle of the night).

On Friday Daddy gave him a haircut. It was really bright out so we took James into the shade of the tree in our front yard and put him on a towel in the grass. Apparently baby hair is extremely fine and shows every little mistake. Daddy did his best but it isn't exactly straight! Today while James was sleeping I trimmed his hair a little more. I was able to layer it a bit so it doesn't look so harsh.

He is starting to enjoy bathtime. We usually put the baby bathtub on the kitchen counter. He gets all soaped up and gets his hair washed then I hold him over the kitchen sink and Rod uses the sprayer to rinse him. The only time he complains is when we turn the water off and try to dry him. He does NOT like to be cold.

We have taken James to church the past two weeks. He has done great both times. His little cousin Tyce slept soundly in his carrier the whole time which allowed Aunt Lindsey to hold James during the service.
I never imagined having a newborn could be so much fun. We are trying to cherish every moment. It's a good thing he is not allergic to kisses because he gets hundreds of them every day!


jinxi~ aka angi said...

Its amazing how much love oozes from you when you have a baby. Or even when you are around a baby. hehe.
He sure is a cutie pie. It cracks me up about the bath time.
I loved giving the boys baths when they were babies. :)
Beware: they are VERY slippery! hehee

Hooptee said...

oh, baby smiles are just the best!Definitely enjoy every moment, it all happens so fast!

Cat said...

YAY! I think it's cute you guys already gave him a haircut!

UnseasonablyWarm said...

Too adorable. Now due to my baby hunger issues, must.back.away.

Kimmy said...

love the smilies :) very interested on this haircut! wishing my little boy had some hair!