Friday, April 10, 2009

Random Tidbits

* I don't have any pictures for you today. I'm still trying to capture the crazy performance he does when I change his diaper. Each time I change his diaper I get the camera out to see if I can get a video of it, but by the time I get all set up he is beyond whining and into the screaming mode. We will keep working on that.

* This morning he spit up on me which, thankfully, is really rare. "Spit up" is not really the correct term. It was more like projectile vomit! He got it all down my back, in my hair, all over the front of him, inside his sleepsack, down the back of the couch, and some even made it in between the couch cushions. At least he did not seem bothered by it.

* His sleep patterns are still great! It is 12:30 and he has been asleep since 10. During his nap I took a shower, ate breakfast (more like brunch I guess), took out the trash and recycling, emptied the diaper container, rinsed some dishes, sorted 200 photos, sent a couple of emails, and now I'm blogging. Who knew I could acccomplish so much with an infant? Before he was born I was envisioning still being in my pajamas at 3 in the afternoon!

* Please keep my sister and her little one who is 6 weeks old in your thoughts and prayers. Due to his cleft palate and reflux he has a lot of congestion which makes it very difficult for him to sleep. My sister is very patient but I know it has to be wearing her out.


Cat said...

You're doing great! I can't wait to see the video!

Kimmy said...

poor sissy! and projectile vomit spit up, ummm yeah, i don't feed Sam on my new couch anymore, let's just say that :) can't wait to see this video. I plan on uploading one soon too.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Sounds like you got things down pat... watch out however for when he starts crawling..things will be different.. hehee.

Will say prayers for your sister and lil T. Big hugs!