Saturday, May 9, 2009

James this week

Here are some random pictures that I took this week.

Tuesday was Rod's mom's birthday. I took this picture of James then printed "Happy Birthday Grandma" on it and we took it to her when we visited her at work. James enjoyed getting shown off to all of her coworkers.

Thursday I watched my nephew, Tyce. He and James sat next to each other on the couch so sweetly. I thought it was so cute how they were grabbing each other's hands.

James slept in his swing from 8:30PM-2:30AM one night this week. That's the first (and only) time he slept six hours at once. I am hoping it becomes a habit soon!

For James every day is crazy hair day! That piece on the right side of his head will not lay flat for anything. I've tried putting Rod's hair paste on it but that only works for about 5 minutes. He is still cute even with his funny hair!


jinxi~ aka angi said...

He is really a handsome lil fella..I love the crazy hair!
That pic of him and Tyce.. priceless!

Happy Mothers Day Brooke!!!

Cat said...

I love that pic of them holding hands! I bet your MIL was so happy to get that picture with a special greeting from James!

Kimmy said...

oh the holding hands melts my heart.

Kimmy said...

oh and happy first mother's day darlin :)

Hooptee said...

Love the holding hands. That's just adorable. And let his hair go crazy, I love babies with wild hair!