Friday, May 15, 2009

No sleep!

Apparently once you turn 2 months old you no longer need any naps during the day...who knew? James is going through a phase where he doesn't want to sleep. Sometimes he will fall asleep right away like a little angel. Other times he will fall asleep for 15 minutes then he will wake up and be wide awake for hours. Then there are the times (mostly in the evenings) when he will whine and cry for 3+ hours at a time while blinking as slowly as he can and rubbing his eyes. We have been trying EVERYTHING to make him sleep. Nothing works on a regular basis, but different things work occasionally.

He enjoys walking around in his front carrier.

Sometimes James will lay in his crib for an hour or more staring at his fishy mobile (thanks Anne, Jane, and Heather!). Of course I have to go in every 5 minutes and wind it back up but at least he is happy.


Kimmy said...

wow brooke, i think that's one of the prettiest pictures ive seen of you ever! i have a sling that sam likes but i dont, b/c I can't really sit in it. Kinda wishing I could try out one of those types you have.

Hooptee said...

Yeah, Sami is pretty weird with her sleep too and she's 7 months! I never know how long or when she'll want to sleep. It's been a hard lesson in patience for me! That is great that he loves his crib though. Step 1!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Love the photo of you both. I hope he passes through this stage quickly.. it can be tiring..but you'll soon forget how tiring.. I think. ;) hehe {Im tired, cant think to say the right words}.. j/k. Big hugs though.. you will find something soothing for him!