Friday, October 2, 2009

6-month Doctor's visit

James was 17.5 lbs and 28.75" long. This puts him in the 96th percentile for height and 37th percentile for weight. He got 4 shots during which he cried his little heart out. After I got him settled down and dressed again we walked out into the hallway. He smiled at most of the people out there but started screaming again as soon as he saw the nurse who had administered his shots...such a smart little cookie he is.


Angela said...

Wow you have a tall boy! :) Wow, I can't believe he ID'd the nurse. I wonder if he will the next time he's in there?

jinxi~ aka angi said...

hahaa He is going to remember that nurse for a while! Oh boy!

That is amazing his height. Very cool, you may have a basketball player on your hands!

Kimmy said...

i know this is your baby blog, so wasn't sure, but picked you anyways :)