Friday, October 16, 2009

Camping and Lemons

James went on his first camping adventure last weekend. We went with our friends Amy, Tony, and Lucas. It is an annual tradition of ours that has lasted over 10 years! A 6 month-old baby wasn't a good enough excuse to miss the trip (believe me...I tried!). It was a LOT of work but I'm glad we did it. James had been fussy the whole week prior and the weekend was no different. I spent most of the time holding him because he cried whenever I set him down. Thankfully we didn't have a lot of plans other than sitting around the fire so that allowed me plenty of time to cuddle my little whiner.

The hillbilly high chair (a booster seat on a campchair).

Getting ready to go on a walk with Daddy. We were really glad we brought this carrier because he seemed to be content if he was strapped to one of us.

He slept great in the pack 'n' play inside the tent.
The 2nd night was pretty chilly (in the lower 40s). In the morning I dressed James in this little fleece outfit. He liked it!

James and I accompanied Lindsey, Tyce, and Mom to Johns Hopkins earlier this week. Lindsey treated us all to the Cheesecake Factory on the way home! I gave James a little taste of a lemon and he loved it. One time when I wasn't looking he grabbed my hand and stuck the lemon in his mouth. I was amazed that he didn't even make a funny face when he first tried it.


Kimmy said...

wow. you're super brave. I panic going to the grocery store with kids in tow.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

hahahaa, the lemon is GREAT.. I love watching little kids sucking on them. heheee