Sunday, February 14, 2010

13 on the 13th

I always try to do this challenge that some of my other friends do called "12 on the 12th" where you take 12 pictures throughout the day on the 12th day of each month. I forgot AGAIN this month, but decided to do my own version called "13 on the 13th". (I have to apologize for the spacing of the pictures and words in this post. I keep messing with it, but Blogger is playing mind games with me!)

Yesterday James and I spent most of the time at home which gave me lots of opportunities to take pictures. Many of them looked like this because he wanted to grab the camera instead of pose for the picture.

For breakfast, James had yogurt bites (freeze-dried yogurt for babies), 1/2 a nectarine, and some Life cereal.

Every time he is in the high chair (or carseat), he must pull one of his socks off. I'm not sure why, but he insists on it!

While he ate, I enjoyed a bowl of cereal. At our house, this is the view you get when you eat cereal. For some reason all 3 cats think that they will get to drink the remainder of the milk. This never happens, but they still hover as you eat.

After breakfast James wanted to do some reading. This has become his absolute favorite book. I tried to count the number of times we read it yesterday but I lost count. It was at least 7 or 8. At one point in the book, the fish says "blub, Blub, BLUB". He loves that part and tries to say "blub". It's pretty cute!

When Rod got home from church, he gave us a taste of the music he performed during the service. James wanted to help him strum the guitar.
I'm not sure why it has taken him this long to discover the air filter in our bedroom, but it has become a new favorite toy. He likes to stand above it and let the wind blow on his face. He spent 20 minutes playing with the air filter yesterday which gave me a chance to read a magazine...something I NEVER do anymore.
I snapped this one during his nap. He always has his precious little blanket up next to his face no matter where he scoots in his crib.
I woke him up from his nap so we could do some shopping at Borders. He was so cute and cuddly that I had to get a self-portrait.
This was James' first trip to Borders. He loved the huge pile of stuffed animals.

Poor Big Bird!

He is so active that we get worn out chasing him around the store. So, Rod put him up on his shoulders. James thought it was a great way to shop!

After Borders we went to Panera Bread for dinner. I didn't take my camera in, but I wish I had. He was a complete nut! He was throwing bread all over the place, trying to climb out of the high chair, laughing at other people in the restaurant, etc. Rod gave him a pickle to keep him busy and he thought that was pretty funny. He sucked on it a bit then threw it over the edge of his high chair and kept saying, "uh-oh". After eating, we decided it was time to head home. When we got home we watched some of the Olympics then read his new books.

What a nice day spent with my two favorite boys! :)


jinxi~ aka angi said...

What a cutie, he sure is on the move. I love how he really concentrates on can tell he is really soaking it all in!

GAC said...

That was fun to read! I enjoy his antics. He's definitely a little smartie. :-)

Kimmy said...

Wow he's tall! I can't wait to follow your project along. These pictures will make a great page.