Friday, February 5, 2010


James loves noises of all kinds. He jabbers and screeches constantly but he is starting to make more sounds that can be translated into words. Animal sounds are a big favorite currently. He can tell you what a monkey, dog, and cow say. Sometimes he will do the lion, also.

Lately James has found a new fascination with cabinets. (Don't you love that cheesy grin?)

On Wednesday we put him down in the snow to crawl around while we shoveled. He had fun cruising all over the snow-covered front yard.

James is a VERY energetic little boy. Thankfully, he sleeps pretty well because he has to re-energize. Here is a picture of my sleeping little angel.

Because he sleeps so soundly and has a full head of hair, he often wakes up with crazy new hairstyles such as this one. :)


GAC said...

Oh how I love that cheesy grin! What a happy boy he is. :-)

Anonymous said...

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jinxi~ aka angi said...

I do love his grin! hahaa..
I would love to see a video of him dancing sometimes. Love their curiosity of opening doors and shutting them.. hehe and crawling inside the cabinets!

Kimmy said...

Oh how funny! He's so cute