Friday, February 19, 2010

James at 11 months old

Wow, I can't believe how fast he is growing. A year ago we hadn't even met the little boy who is now the center of our world. These have been the best 11 months of my life so far!

Some things I want to remember about James at this age:

* He has become a very picky eater. If he is bored (or over stimulated) he won't eat. If the food is too slimy (or dry) he won't eat it. If the food is too hot (or cold) he won't eat it. You get the idea!

* He chatters and talks constantly. The words he says regularly are: mama, dada (occasionally), bye-bye (occasionally), uh-oh, ball and blub blub blub. He can also tell you what some animals say: dog, sheep, cow (he says "boo) and monkey.

*In addition to speaking words, there are many more that he clearly understands. As soon as we put our coats or his coat on he gets really excited. He also gets excited about "bath" or "baba" (bottle).

*Physically he is growing really fast. I don't know exactly how much he weighs but he has outgrown most of his 12-month clothes in length although they still fit him width-wise.

* He is starting to play more interactive games like peekaboo and chase. He laughs like crazy if you chase him while he crawls.

* James has taken a couple of steps between us or between the chair and the couch but he still relies on crawling as his main mode of transportation. He is a very fast crawler.

* I think we have a little monkey on our hands. He tries to climb EVERYTHING. He will hold onto the bottom of a windowsill and use his little monkey feet to climb the wall (thankfully he hasn't been successful in that yet). Our oven door locks closed and he uses the handle as a chin-up bar. He also climbs the dresser if any of the drawers are left open for him to use as footholds.

* James is totally in love with books. When you get to the last page he does a fake cry and flails around at the book until you go back to the beginning and read it again. His favorite is called "The Pout-Pout Fish". Here is a video of him saying, "blub blub blub" while reading the book with Daddy.


GAC said...

I certainly can't believe he's almost one! Of course, I can't believe Andelena isn't still that age! LOL! I never knew what "time flys" until I had children. All those cliches about "enjoy it now because it goes fast" etc. are so true! Who knew?

He's sure a cutie!

Kimmy said...

Sam won't sit still to read a book before trying to eat it! Seems we have the opposite in clothing problems-- Sam pants are too long and belly too big!