Thursday, October 23, 2008

Big Foot

Another lovely symptom of pregnancy has come my way...swelling! Yesterday I was changing for the gym. When I went to put my socks on, I looked down at my feet and let out an audible gasp. To my amazement one of my feet was extremely swollen! I've asked a lot of (previously pregnant) people about this. A couple have said it could be a sign of preeclampsia but most people say it is pretty normal. Don't worry, I've been carefully watching for signs of light-headedness and a racing heartbeat.

Today I put a makeshift stool under my desk at work which allowed me to keep my foot propped up most of the day. It looks a lot better tonight than it did last night.

This picture was taken last evening after I had already had it elevated for about an hour. Please excuse the worn-off nail polish. Later in the evening I took care of that!


Angela said...

We learned in our birthing class that it can sometimes be lessened by drinking more water and having a little extra salt. Your body retains water when it isn't getting enough and I guess salt helps it move through the cells.

Cherie said...

Oh how I don't miss that wonderful symptom at all!

Here area a few things that worked for me:
lots of water, walking, B6, laying on my left side when ever I could, Not sitting for too long, not standing for too long and staying away from sodium.

But my doctor said this often happens when the baby starts getting bigger and puts pressure on the blood vessels in the pelvis and legs causing circulation to slow down.

As for preeclampsia, if your hands and face start to swell call your doctor even without the light headedness and racing heartbeat. Those can be signs too.

Kimmy said...

holy crap brooke! that didnt happen to me til waaaaay near the end of pregnancy. like week 37 or something. you poor thing. are you back to work?

jinxi said...

arghh.. I feel for ya. The stool idea at work is a great idea!

Oooo.. I remember one thing that really helped the bigger I got, was when I was standing at the counter to put one foot up like on the edge of the cabinet and switching on and off... it really relieved a lot of the back stress and leg/pelvic pain. Best wishes chick!

Hooptee said...

ugh - i totally feel your pain. My feet did this. I had to buy shoes a size bigger by the end of my pregnancy. there's nothing to be done about it except try and keep your feet elevated. :(

Cat said...

A friend of mine bought Crocs for exactly this reason. Maybe that would help? I don't know. I sure am looks painful!

Joy said...

I didn't have this problem during my pregnancy but after the pregnancy my feet were swollen really bad because of the IV I was hooked up to in the hospital. My feet were swollen for a few weeks after. What helped me was soaking my feet in COLD water. MY OB Dr. told me to do that.