Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Camping Trip

Since the last several posts have been about boring medical stuff, I thought I would share some pictures today.

We chose a beautiful weekend to go camping. At night it got a little chilly but during the day it was in the mid 70s! It was fun to relax around the fire and chat with our friends Amy and Tony.

The only scary moment was when I tried to fall into the fire! I tripped over my chair one evening when I was trying to sit down in it. I was falling straight forward like I was going to land in the campfire. As I felt myself falling, I decided that I needed to do anything possible to keep from catching on fire! I used every muscle in my body to throw myself sideways to avoid the fire. It worked but not without some consequences. My arm landed on the grill part of the fire pit, I scraped my knee up, I knocked my chair and Rod's chair over on me, and worst of all I spilled my baked potato all over the ground. When I knocked the chairs over, the drinks that were in the drink holders spilled all over me. Meanwhile, Amy saw me falling and as she jumped up to help, she knocked her drink onto her lap. I'm sure it was quite a sight!

A self-portrait of me!
Rod cutting a log in half to put on the fire.
Rod grilling up some shishkabobs.

Our friends Amy and Tony with little Luc and their dog Odie.

This was a self-portrait using the camera's timer...not too bad.

17 weeks 2 days.


jinxi said...

Brooke you look sooooo beautiful!! and I loveeee your round lil tummy! Im so glad you didnt get burnt or hurt worse when you fell, how scary! These are definitely things to remember after the baby is delivered.

rachiezate said...

Hey! i like reading thru your blog and seeing updates. nice to see a pic of Amy and Tony too. Where did you guys go camping? Yeah that you got to feel the baby-that must be so exciting!

Brooke said...

Hey Rachel! We went camping at Owens Creek (in the Catoctin Mountains right next to Camp David).

CherrieScraps said...

You are such a beautiful mommy-to-be...sorry to hear about your accident - but glad you did not get seriously injured - must be careful!!

Cat said...

Ooh, that's an adrenaline rush, huh? Wow. Glad you are all okay, and I'm sorry to hear about your potato. :-P Love me some shishkabobs. You look so cute!