Monday, October 13, 2008


So, I've been coughing quite a bit over the last two days and decided to see my doctor today. Based on the knowledge that I was exposed to whooping cough, I thought it would be wise to get tested.

I went to my family doctor who asked me some questions and listened to me breathe. She seemed stuck on the idea that I have bronchitis (I strongly doubt it) so she gave me a breathing treatment. That didn't change anything so she agreed to write a lab order to test me for whooping cough.

After seeing the doctor I went straight to the lab and had a nasal swab done (OUCH!). They told me I can expect results in about a week. Because I have a life to live, I didn't feel like waiting a week was acceptable. I asked my doctor if she could go ahead and treat me for whooping cough but she said no because she did not want to expose the baby to the antibiotics unless absolutely necessary.

So, here I sit at home on day 1 of waiting for my results. Thankfully I have an awesome boss who agreed to let me work from home until I find out for sure if I'm contagious or not.


Anonymous said...

I pray all goes well for you at your appointment. We had a sono at Johns Hopkins with Robby and they were all very nice even though I didn't get to bring home any pics. best of luck

jinxi said...

LOL to the joke. Im so happy your boss is so good to you. Take this time to rest and stay as healthy as possible!
Will pray for you and the baby in the meantime. Hugs!

Cat said...

That's a funny comic. Glad your boss is cool!