Friday, February 20, 2009

I need an ice cream intervention!

For the past several weeks I have gotten the pleasure of ending my day with a bowl of ice cream. Unfortunately, it has turned into an addiction. I almost ran out of my Choco Mint Chip the other night and that sent me into quite a panic. I made a special trip to the grocery store (which I never do) just to get my fix. I have eaten my way through a gallon of this ice cream a week for at least the past 3 weeks.

Although I know it is horrible of me to eat so much ice cream, I still allow myself to do it because it is the only "real" sugary food I'm allowed to eat. It doesn't make my blood glucose numbers go up so I plan to continue allowing myself this treat every night until the baby comes. Maybe we can schedule an intervention next month.


Kimmy said...

I say youre completely allowed! Enjoy it now and even keep a box for when you get home from the hospital. Oreos make me so happy during late night feedings.

Cat said...

Something about the name throws it off for me...but the flavor sounds good!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

You could have worse addictions.. I just adore this flavor ice cream.. I hope you continue to like it even after your lil boy comes into the world! :)