Monday, February 16, 2009

It Is Finished Sayeth Me

The nursery is finally finished! The only thing left to do is buy a glider but I don't want to keep you waiting on the pictures any longer.

This is the crib all set up with the adorable crib sheet and bumper. Thanks goes to my aunt Karen for giving us the crib!

The room is really nice and bright with this big window and another smaller window. I think the curtains look cute.

In this picture you can barely see the dust ruffle. It's unfortunate because it matches the curtains and really ties the room together. Once the baby is bigger we will lower the mattress. Then the dust ruffle will be more visible.
I love the hanging rack I bought for the closet. It is going to work as a dresser with all his onesies, blankets, towels, etc. stacked in there. Right now it is still empty because the clothes are all in a pile waiting to be washed.

The diaper changing table was also given to us by my aunt Karen. I really like all the storage room it has in it. I bought those white baskets on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond for $2 each. They work really well for holding little things like shampoo/soap, pacifiers, etc.

My mom gave us this turtle night light. The flash from my camera washed it out a little but the colors are perfect and I think it is so cute!

This one gives a little perspective of how the room is set up. When you first walk through the door the big window is in front of you. On the left is the changing table and closet. To the right is the crib.

I included this one of the smaller window to show the beautiful crown moulding that my dad installed.

This one shows the hardwood floor, trim, and carpeting.

Thanks for looking!!!


jinxi~ aka angi said...

Its sooo darn cute! :)

Cat said...

VERY CUTE! I can't wait to see the baby in it!

Kimmy said...

oh i love that color crib with everything else!

Anonymous said...

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Kimmy said...

I keep seeing baby stuff I like and wanting to show you too. Isn't this cool though? Carrying the carseat padding thinger.

Hooptee said...

Looks great! Your paint choice was a good one!

amanda said...

thanks for commenting on my blog. I love your baby's room. It is rhe same colours that I picked for Isaac's room :)