Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm an Auntie again!!!

My nephew was born today at 4:32PM. Three weeks and 1 day early. He's just as precious as can be!

Here are the stats...

Name: Timothy John B____ III, nickname is Tyce

Weight: 5 lbs, 7 oz

Length: 19 inches

He is doing great. The only slight problem he has is a cleft pallette which may prevent him from being able to nurse normally. But, that's nothing to worry about. Since he was a little bit premature everyone is relieved that his lungs are functioning really well.

Lindsey is a trooper and did a wonderful job delivering her son. I think she and Tim are relieved that they don't have to monitor her blood pressure, baby's heartrate, baby's movement, etc. right now and they can just enjoy being with their baby boy. for the important part...the pictures!

This is Tyce sleeping in his warmer just about an hour and a half after he was born. He kept jerking himself awake so we were glad when he was able to be taken out of the warmer and swaddled in blankets.

The new family! Aren't they so cute?

This is Tyce's first picture with his cousin. :)

A very proud Auntie Brooke! Isn't he such a tiny little peanut?


jinxi~ aka angi said...

oh shoot Brooke, Im just bawling.. what a cute lil fella. He certainly isnt lacking in the love department!!! Im so happy for your sister! Cool nickname too!
Congrats Auntie Brooke.. and please know Im thanking the good Lord that all went ok. Big Hugs.. enjoy!

GAC said...

Oh yay! Oh yay! Oh yay! What a cutie pie!

Cat said...

Oh my word. What a beautiful, gorgeous boy! Oh, I just want to kiss him! It boggles my mind that your baby is bigger than he is! (omg, if that's offensive, I already take it back).

Brooke said...

Ha! Cat, that's exactly the same thing I said.

Hooptee said...

He's precious!! I love the hat, what an adorable little guy. Glad he's healthy despite being a preemie. The picture of him with his cousin cracked me up.

Kimmy said...

He looks so cute! I'm glad he's healthy too :) That's the cutest 1st cousin photo ever.

Wingnut said...

So cute!! It'll be your turn soon!

sunshine said...

He is absolutely beautiful! Congrats to the whole family. I adore the first picture of him with his cousin :)