Sunday, December 28, 2008

He's going to be a great dad!

For Christmas this year, Rod and I bought our Little Brother a remote control Hummer. I wasn't convinced, but Rod was sure he would love it. Boy did he ever! When we gave it to him, he was jumping up and down saying "no way!".
Rod thought it would be fun to use his little sports car to race Blake's Hummer. It was only 17 degrees out, so I thought we would have to wait until our next visit to be able for them to actually play with their cars.

Well, I was wrong again. Rod used his brilliantly creative mind to come up with a great solution. We drove to the local community college and parked in an empty parking lot. We left the SUV running while they opened the back and sat inside the trunk. It worked great! They were able to stay warm while still racing their cars. We spent at least 45 minutes there before the batteries gave in to the cold weather.
I just know our son is going to have a fun childhood filled with lots of crazy adventures planned by his dad! :)


Miss JC said...

Hello, I'm Johnna. I just bumped into your blog..those are such sweet pictures! Come on over and visit my blogs when you get a chance...hope your GD is going well and you are finding ways to adjust.

GAC said...

I have no doubt that you are right. Both of you are going to be great parents. Any child who KNOWS you is fortunate.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

I adore that photo of Blake! Good choice Rod!!!... Believe me when I say this Brooke, there are going to be many times you will think, surely not, and Rod will be like sureeeee... and then you'll have to sit back and say ahhhah! And then listen to the noise.. hahaa and enjoy your boys!

Kimmy said...

Angi is right on that one. Dylan preferred the gifts Daddy picked out more than the Mommy ones this year.

Cat said...

That's so fun!