Thursday, December 11, 2008

They're getting a little too needle happy!

Yesterday was my 1 hour glucose screening. The results were already back to my doctor today. It's amazing how quickly results come when you don't want to know the answer. Back in Octiober when I needed to know if I had whooping cough or not it took over a week to get my results back.

Anyway, the cutoff for the glucose level is 140 and mine was 172 which means I have to go back for the lovely 3 hour test where they draw my blood five times. I'm REALLY not looking forward to that because they can only find the vein on my right arm and yesterday it "ran away" from them so I was left with a big bruise.

At least my arm will be decorated with pretty colors for Christmas. :)


jinxi~ aka angi said...

Ouch! I feel for you.. but it will be ok.. take care of you!!!

.. and accidently kick the phlebotomist if they have a *run away* again. It may make you feel better.. you cant control some actions you know ... hehee ;)

Anonymous said...

Yikes! not only the needles but you also have to fast! Not a good combination for a pregnant lady!

I heard that if you drink water and stay hydrated it's easier to find the veins but they always have problems with mine so I don't know how much that really helps.

Kimmy said...

Oh gah! I only had to do my finger and the results came back in 3 mins. each time. So sorry Brooke!

Cherie said...

woops... that anonymous was me :)

Cat said...

And don't fold your arm up like they tell you to. It pools the blood and causes a larger bruise.

Another thing:
My sister used to push her bruises when she was little to make them bigger and stay longer. Weird kid.

Hooptee said...

Ugh - good luck with the 3 hr test!