Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We are officially registered!

Last night we went to Burlington Coat Factory/Baby Depot and finished our registry. It took us about an hour to find everything we wanted. When we took the gun back to the registration desk, it wouldn't download the information to the computer. So then I spent 15 more minutes running around with the sales clerk trying to remember everything we had registered for. By the time we got back to the desk our original list had downloaded. I was really glad because we had 33 items the 1st time and I only remembered about 20 of them.

Also, we lucked out and found that our bedding set was on sale 30% off so we decided to go ahead and buy it! $100 seems like a lot for a baby comforter that will never get used, but I really wanted it and I'm glad we got it. In case you don't remember, here is a picture of the set we chose.

This picture eerily resembles what our nursery is going to look like. The color of the crib is the same, the walls are almost the same blue, the trim will be white, and the floor is hardwood.


jinxi~ aka angi said...

Its absolutely gorgeous and really that was a great deal on the bedding! I remember Bill and I choosing and paying for Justices Classic Pooh bedding.. so much fun!

I cant wait to see the finished nursery!

Cat said...

How very pretty!