Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Waiting Game

Brooke is such a trooper. If I had a little baby all stuffed up inside me I would go nuts! Not because it is weird but because I would be so anxious to get the thing unwrapped. I can't even make it until Christmas without giving away gifts or opening ones that are waiting under the tree. This whole waiting 9 months is getting tough :( However, on the bright side, Brooke and I need the 9 months to come to an agreement on a name. The trouble with us first borns is that we are both stubborn and strive for perfection. I am no help in the process because when I hit a road block I start offering up crazy suggestions like Chandler MacGyver Cruise, or Joey Magnum. With names like these our child will grow up to be either a comedic scientologist bent on using everyday household items to solve life's mysteries, or an underpaid soap star who mooches off a rich man's estate in Hawaii. We better make some progress soon, the waiting game is almost over :)


Cat said...

What about a tribute to the Hoff?

Michael Mitch?

Mitch Knight?

Michael Buchannon?

I'm really just wanting Knight Rider and Baywatch action, but I'm flexible here. His character in Revenge of the Cheerleaders was Boner, but that was overdone in Growing Pains, dontcha think?
On The Young & the Restless it was Dr. William 'Snapper' Foster, Jr.

Really, there are things that could be done here....

Snapper Knight?????

(stupid blogger won't let me underline....)

Hooptee said...

Still no name? Do you have any favorites that are in the running?

Cherie said...

Well.. if you really truely can't come up with a name you agree on you can always go for the name Lenny wants you to add to the list..

Liberace Von Stinkendump Kerbs.

GAC said...

I like Grayson and Spencer.

Can't believe there's only about 90 days left! Woo Hoo!

Kimmy said...

We didn't come up with Dylan's middle name until I was in labor.

Brooke said...

To answer your questions:

Cat: no to the Hoff!

Hooptee: we do have some backups but nothing that we both LOVE yet.

Cherie: tell Lenny to keep trying!

Cathy: I like Grayson a lot. But, Rod doesn't want any name that ends with an "en" or "on". That dismisses about 1/2 of the names I like.

Kimmy: it is comforting to hear that we aren't the only ones who are waiting until the last minute.

Cat said...

Awwww, shucks!

Angela said...

Why no "en" or "on"? So "an" is ok? :p

Kimmy said...

Eh, do you like single syllable names with your last name? My last name is single syllable and I cannot stand single syllable first names.

Brooke said...

Angela: I think "an" falls in the no category also.

Kim: Some short names are ok but for the most part I like at least two syllables.

Grandma said...

What's with all this secular stuff. Why not some Biblical name, they never go out of style. Or a kingly name like Roderick, how about a mixture. Broderick

jinxi~ aka angi said...

HILARIOUS... hang in there.. good things come to those who wait.. right?!? hheheee