Thursday, September 18, 2008


babymoon (noun) : a short vacation for a couple before the birth of their child.

Have you heard this term before? Rod and I are not planning to go away on a vacation, but we are planning a couple of short trips before the baby comes. The first is tomorrow! We are going to the Sight & Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA to see the show called "In the Beginning". You can read more about it here:

If you happened to catch Jon & Kate Plus 8 this week, you would have seen them dragging 8 children around the theater. Watching that chaos inspired us to go see the show before we have children. :)


jinxi said...

This is great.. I wish Id known about this before Hunter came.. things REALLY change. hehee As you could tell from the show last night.. Ya'll have a GREAT time!

Cat said...

I missed the latest episode, but I am always amazed by what they go through. That's why when I was on Chlomid and they told me about the multiple birth chance...oooh I get a little nervous.

GAC said...

Sight & Sound is awesome. We've gone to two different ones but not, "In the Beginning." Enjoy! Glad you're feeling better. I've been trying to leave comments but I haven't been able to log on. I keep trying every day, though. This time it worked!

Jen M said...

I hope you had a lovely time. Thanks so much for stopping by on my blog and for your kind words.

Kelly said...

My husband and I took a trip before our daughter was born, and it was really nice. I was in my 2nd trimester, so I wasn't huge yet, and I had a good amount of energy.

We're taking our first trip post-baby this week!