Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Slight Scare

So, yesterday was my second doctor's appointment. I feel so lucky to have found a doctor that I feel comfortable with. Dr. Ginter is great. She didn't get on my case for gaining 12 pounds so far!

Anyway, Dr. Ginter answered a few questions fo me, then she had me lay down so she could hear the baby's heartbeat. She tried for about 6 minutes (maybe more) to hear it, but she could only hear my heart (which was racing by the end of the 6 minutes!). She was very calm and a couple of times she said things like, "I guess the baby is just being stubborn today and doesn't want me to hear its heartbeat". Of course, I was trying not to freak out, but I was getting very scared! Eventually she said, "why don't you come across the hall with me so we can do a sonogram".

As soon as I got on the table and she put the wand on my stomach, an adorable baby popped up on the screen. Much to my relief, I could immediately see its little heart racing away! Although I was scared at first, it turned out to be a good thing because I got a peek at the baby that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. You could see the profile perfectly, she also pointed out its arms, legs, and spine. Unfortunately, she couldn't print pictures for me so you'll have to take my word for it!

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Bar said...

AHHHHHHHHH! I'm so glad that everything turned out great!

Cherie said...

When I went back in my blog to find that poll for you, I was reminded about having the same thing happen to me at 13 weeks except they had to call over to the hospital and right in front of me the nurse said "no fetal heartbeat" that was not fun! I know how you felt. but we got a printed out picture of our little nathan :) I am so happy everything was okay. What was Her heartbeat per min ? ;)

Cat said...

I'm so glad you found the heartbeat and got an extra sneak peek at the baby! I love how Cherie is saying "HER"!

jinxi said...

Ive been in your situation. Its so stressing. Im super happy that your doc did the sonogram! And isnt it the most amazing feeling-seeing that heart beat. Makes me all fuzzy. :)

Mr. Kerbs said...

This was not a cool situation! But I am glad it turned out alright. Still wish that we had a picture but at least MWW did't get to find out the gender. Not that we don't want to know. I just don't want to be the last to know :)