Friday, September 26, 2008

Irrational Fears

So, you know how most pregnant woman have fears relating to the birth of their baby? Things like:
Will the baby be healthy?
I hope labor isn't too painful.
I know nothing about am I going to care for a newborn?

Well, for some reason I'm not worried about any of those things. My two biggest worries are: 1) that my water will break at work (how embarrassing) and 2) that a psycho woman is going to trick me into letting her into my home where she will cut the baby out of me. Gross, huh? Remember those horrible news stories a few years ago where people actually did this? The woman would pretend that she was pregnant when she really wasn't. Then she would find a pregnant woman, knock her out, then cut her open and take the baby. What a horrible thing to think about, I know! But, now you have a little glimpse into my strange little mind.


gac said...

Wow, Brooke! Who knew we were so much alike! Just ask Shannon about my weird little mind, some time! :-)

Cherie said...

The worrier that I am, worried about both of those things. I was afraid to go anywhere the last month of my pregnancies and I would sleep with my phone in case the psycho lady would break into my home..Actually, I still sleep with my phone... having the baby will give you all new kinds of wonderful fears! hehe enjoy :P

jinxi said...

I worried about the same things..well the 1st w/only Preston because I didnt realize at the time Id be having a c-section... and with the 2nd fear...that one incident in Missouri/Kansas I believe happened while I was pregnant with Hunter.. so I was overly anxious.. but it will all be fine. :) And you'll do fine.. even if your mind is a lil strange ;) hehee.

Liberty said...

I totally had that weird fear of the baby belly snatching -- and then wondered if it is because I knew deep down I'd have a Csection. There should be a study done on this one!

I also had the horrid nightmare that I'd leave her in her carseat on TOP of my car and drive off. Bizarre!!!

You are perfectly normal!

Angela said...

I know exactly what you're saying. I have had the same fear (baby snatching). I still worry, sometimes, that someone will take my Norman IV from me. I too keep my phone near by. :p The nice thing is that we're tall and won't show as much (unless you have long legs and a short abdomen) so we don't look as far along as we are. :p And I figured that I was too big for a tiny lady to beat up...I was hoping my size would be intimidating. :p

Hooptee said...

I have similar worries! Not that my water would break at work (since I work in a hospital) but that it would break on the train there! Hormones do crazy things to us don't they!?